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Mega Base Running Drill

This drill comes from head coach and program director, Sean Hall. Hall runs and coaches for the Midwest Speed and also owns and operates S&C Sports Services. Hall has been instrumental in the success of Midwestern softball for decades. Recently he allowed us to share this great article he posted on social media: Tips for High School Coaches Dealing with Club Softball Players

Also, editor Michael Kyllo-Kittleson wrote a summer reflection about strengths and weakness currently within the game and base running was a large topic of emphasis. This drill is a great way to maximize your time, fit a ton of work in, and also condition your athletes.

Here is how the drill works:
“We are working with two sets of base paths an inner set and an outer set. We divide players among all 4 starting points. Starting at home at the inner diamond the player rounds first and dives back into 1st base, spins on their knee and takes off to second simulating an over throw. The runner then does a pop-up slide at 2nd Base. That runner then jogs back to the outer first base and does a steal of 2nd with a head first slide. Then the runner steals 3rd base with a reach in hook slide to the outfield side of 3rd base simulating the 3rd baseman covering the steal. That runner then jogs to the inner diamond at 2nd base where they do a two out lead and score from 2nd with a back-door slide. We still need to work on perfecting each slide,” Sean Hall.

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