Club Softball Rankings

2019 Super 60 18U Teams

Our official Super 60 18U teams have arrived! Find out if your team made the cut!

The Process:
The events we considered for our 18U rankings include PGF Premier, PGF Platinum, IDT Boulder, IDT Louisville, TC Nationals, Colorado Power Pool, USSSA WFC, and JO Cup. Points are assigned based on finish and strength of tournament event.

From there we consider “strength of schedule”, victories, head-to-head matchups, and results against similar competition as often as possible.

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UPDATED 11/22/2019: It was discovered an entire column of points in our scoring and ranking spreadsheet had been deleted causing a number of teams not receiving proper placement in our Super 60.

1So Cal Athletics Mercado Smith 18U
2Tampa Mustangs - TJ
3PA Chaos Gold - Spina 18U
4Glory Adkins 18U Gold (TX)
5Atlanta Premier Gold 18U
6Orange County Batbusters - Haning/Stith (CA)
7Nor Cal Batbusters - Gomes
8Aces Fastpitch - Taylor (MO)
9Texas Bombers Gold - Smith (TX)
10So Cal Athletics - Richardson (CA)
11Texas Glory - Shelton (TX)
12Scrap Yard International 18U
13Texas Impact Gold - Jackson
14Beverly Bandits Premier - Conroy/Tyrell (IL)
15AL Birmingham Thunderbolts
16Aces Express - McCorkle (TX)
17Georgia Impact Premier - Lewis
18Iowa Premier - Dickel
19Louisville Lady Sluggers - Huecker (KY)
20Firecrackers - Rico/Weil (CA)
21Gold Coast Hurricanes - Cooper (FL)
22Midwest Speed 18U Hall (MN)
23Universal Fastpitch - Garcia 18U
24Michigan Finesse - Dreher (MI)
25New Jersey Intensity - ODonnell (NJ)
26CF Intruders Gold (TX)
27Oklahoma Athletics Premier Madden 18U
28TN Fury Premier
29NW Bullets Gold - Campos (OR)
30Hotshots - Davis (AZ)
31East Cobb Bullets - Schnute (GA)
32LTG Lions Henderson/Lively 18U
33Impact Gold DFW Middlebrook 18U
34Gainesville Gold McFadyen 18U
36Conklin Raiders Gold (NY)
37Prospex Gold 18U
38Corona Angels - Tyson (CA)
39Carolina Cardinals - Chandler (NC)
40Select Fastpitch 18U
41TN Fury Platinum
42Firecrackers TJ 18U
43VA Glory Premier - Mertz 18U
44GA Power DeMarini Gold - Tunon
45SC Elite - Genovese
46Sorcerers 18 Gold (CA)
47Athletics Mercado - Tidd 18U
48So Cal Athletics Briggs 18U
49All American Sports Academy - Merrida (CA)
50Sorcerers Gabales 18U
51So Cal Athletics Garcia 18U
52Texas Blaze Gold - Slimp (TX)
53Lady Lightning Gold - Corn
54California Grapettes Gold (CA) - Kappmeyer
55Rhode Island Thunder Gold- Lotti
56St. Louis Chaos - Beatty
57Firecrackers Brashear
58Aces 18 G - Ashley/Creamer
59Atlanta Vipers - Jiles 18U
60Tulsa Shooutout 18G

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