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FPN 18U Super 60 Final 2018 Rankings

Fastpitch News (FPN) has released its final Super 60 18U rankings for the 2018 Club softball season. Our national rankings take into account four major national championships. The FPN national rankings are released several times a year, as are our regional team rankings.

These rankings are part of the “Inner Circle” at FPN but are being released and made available free of charge this time. All future team and individual rankings will be available through your Inner Circle subscription. Use promo code RANKINGS for 30% off your subscription today!

1Georgia Impact Premier Lewis 18UGA
2Texas Glory 18UTX
3OC Batbusters Stith 18UCA
4Aces Express Gold 18UTX
5East Cobb Bullets 18 Gold SchnuteGA
6Impact Gold Jackson 18UTX
7Scrap Yard Internationals 18UTX
8So Cal Athletics Marinakis/Jendro 18UCA
9St. Louis Chaos 18UMO
10Firecrackers Brashear 18UCA
11Texas Blaze Bonola 18UTX
12Texas Glory Adkins 18UTX
13Oklahoma Athletics Premier Madde 18UOK
14Georgia Power Demarini Gold Tunon 18UGA
15Ohio Outlaws DeMarini 18UOH
16Originals Simbeck 18UMO
17Cal Cruisers 18UCA
18Corona Angels 18UCA
19Texas Bombers GoldTX
20Lady Lightning Gold Demarini 18UNC
21Gold Coast Hurricanes 18UFL
22Jersey Intensity 18UNJ
23OH Hawks 18UOH
24Demarini Aces 18UMO
25Southern Force Premier Palmer 18UAL
26Tulsa Elite Jacks 18UOK
27Carolina Elite 18UNA
28Michigan Finesse Bressler/Dreher 18UMI
29PA Chaos 18UPA
30Atlanta Vipers Gold MooreGA
31Bandits NC 18UNC
32Firecrackers Arizona 18UAZ
33Florida Impact Feldman 18UFL
34Gametime Stars 18UOK
35Georgia Impact Stewart 18UGA
36Prospects Fastpitch NorwoodIN
37So Cal Choppers Ensey 18UCA
38Sorcerer Gold 18UCA
39Team GA Gold HenningGA
40Arizona Hotshots Gold Davis 18UAZ
41Beverly Bandits Conroy 18UIL
42Kansas City Peppers Gold 18UKS
43Nor Cal Firecrackers Sjolie 18UCA
44Northwest Bullets Campos 18UOR
45OC Batbusters Lara 18UCAS
46Oklahoma Exclusive Gold Davis 18UOK
47S. Dak. RenegadesSD
48So Cal Choppers Fausett 18UCA
49Turnin2 18UMI
50SoCal Atletics TOCA
51Sparks Softball 18UMI
52Virginia Unity 18UVA
53Wichita Mustangs Gold 18UKS
54Williamsburg Starz Gold BunnVA
55Oregon Titans 18UOR
56Rock Gold 18UNA
57Athletics Marcado 18UCA
58Atlanta Vipers Laukka 18UGA
59Firecrackers Rico 18UCA
60LA Voodoo 18ULA
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