"> 3 Ways to Overcome a Negative Attitude in Softball
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3 Ways to Overcome a Negative Attitude in Softball

I previously wrote an article about the Negative Mind and how it never wins in softball. Softball is a sport that is full of failure and there will be lots of ups and downs along the way. It is also important for players, coaches, and parents to stress the controllable's versus the non-controllable's. There are many things that happen in softball that is out of the players, coaches, and parents control. One thing that a softball player can always remain in control of is her attitude, and a positive attitude will take an athlete further than a negative one will.

There will come a time in every softball players career where the negative mind or negative attitude take over. Not everything is going to go as planned and not one player is perfect. Games will be lost, some in heartbreak fashion. Strike outs will happen, home runs will be given up, base runners will be thrown out, errors will be made, etc. All of these events will take place at one point and we can’t control them, what we can control is how we react to them.

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