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Coaches Should Have Positive Attitudes Too

Courtesy of Texas A&M Athletics

In the sport of softball, competition and emotions can run high at times. Coaches preach to their players the importance of having a positive attitude and a strong mindset at all times. On the flip side, it’s also important that coaches hold themselves to the same standards. This goes for parents too. You can’t expect a player to maintain a positive attitude and mindset if her leader on the field and role models off the field aren’t doing the same.

We can learn a lot from watching the Little League Baseball World Series on ESPN. All of the coaches have microphones on them, which gives viewers an all-access look at what goes on in the dugout, team huddles, and trips to the mound. One may argue that the coaches are conscious of the mic in their back pocket, and that’s why they are able to relay positive affirmations to their players in high-intensity situations. I beg to differ when every single coach in every single situation was able to communicate something positive or motivating.

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