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Quick and Easy Softball Pitching Corrections

As a pitching instructor, it’s my job to point out the things I notice my pitchers doing incorrectly and find a way to teach them the correct way. Another thing I try to do as a pitching coach is get my pitchers to understand and be able to make their own adjustments on their pitches. It's an extremely difficult task to try and focus on pitching mechanics during a game. I tell my pitchers that’s what individual practice and lessons are for. Everything we do outside of the lines is going to carry over to game days because muscle memory should take over. We practice how we are going to play, so learning the correct way, buying in, and practicing doing things right is going to set up a pitcher for success on game days.

Even though I make it clear to my pitchers that I don’t want them to worry about mechanics on game days, there may be times in games when something is off and attention needs to be shifted back to basic mechanics. Let’s think about the most common ways to miss on a pitch...

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