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Softball Stats Aren’t Everything

The biggest advice I can give young players and parents is don’t get too caught up in stats. Game statistics can be a nightmare for players, especially when parents get ahold of them. Statistics don’t tell the whole story. A player could go 0-3 in a game but hit rocket line drives right at the defensive players who make the catch. Even though that player had three great at-bats, it’s hard to celebrate the little victories when the zero in the hit column stands out on the spreadsheet.

Game Changer is now a popular tool used by softball teams at the younger age levels. Most teams will designate a parent to keep track of game statistics on an iPad. They will track every element of the game and share the results with coaches and fellow team parents afterward. Another benefit of Game Changer is that outside parties who were unable to attend the game can follow along just as though they were there. It’s a pretty nifty tool, but I would strongly advise approaching with caution.

Once a player turns her attention to her stat line, her playing ability may start to decline. This occurs when players focus on the outcome instead of the process.

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