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The More Youth Sports the Merrier

There are many benefits to being a multi-sport youth athlete. We have written about it in the past, and we will continue writing about it in the future. The game of softball is continually changing and evolving. Softball, which used to be a seasonal sport in many states, is now being offered as a year-round opportunity.

Most club softball programs now offer winter training on top of the fall and summer seasons. This will often raise the cost of the program and will require more time from the participating athletes. Not all club programs operate the same way. It’s important to do your research before committing. There is always the right fit for each athlete.

Softball does not need to be a specialized sport at a young age. College coaches recommend softball players participate in their other sports for as long as they can. Below are five benefits of being a multi-sport youth athlete.

Develop Athleticism: Being involved in multiple sports will give athletes a chance to develop athleticism and coordination. Every sport is different and requires different muscle groups to be used. The youth athletes who are involved in multiple sports will have a chance to develop skills that can be applied to the other sports they play.

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