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The Pros of Using a Softball Instructor

There are nine positions on the softball field. Each defensive position is unique and requires different skills, game knowledge, and attention. Defensive positions can be broken up into four segments, pitching, catching, infield, and outfield. It’s important that softball players learn the proper skills needed to execute their role at their position of choice. It’s common that softball players will learn these skills from their team coaches, parents, at camps and clinics, or from individual private one-on-one and group instructed lessons.

Finding the right instructor in softball can be a challenge. There are plenty of credible and knowledgeable softball instructors located all across the country. The tricky part is doing the research and finding the right fit for your player. Word of mouth is the easiest way to hear about an instructor in your area. Sometimes all it takes is a parent or a coach to watch an opposing pitcher throw and wonder who she learned from.

Pitchers are the most likely to have a private instructor or coach. It is definitely not needed but instead encouraged if players want to see their skills develop and take their game to the next level. Pitching instructors are encouraged for various reasons. First, the teams who are the most successful often have a dominant pitcher who throws strikes in the circle. Throwing strikes occurs due to quality and consistent pitching mechanics, which are often enforced by private instructors at lessons. Second, it’s beneficial to have expert eyes on pitchers in practice or lessons to make sure the pitcher is pitching correctly. Executing proper pitching mechanics will keep the pitcher's arm healthy, improve accuracy, and gain speed. Pitching instructors also enforce focus on the mental game as well. This is easier to do in a private lesson where the instructor can get to know the player, rather than in a group or clinic setting.

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