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When to Make a Pitching Change in Softball

Being a head coach at the youth softball levels can be a challenging task. Often, travel ball coaches are parents of players, who volunteer their time and energy. Being a parent coach is never easy, especially since many are pressured or feel obligated to fulfill the role. Most teams will have a head coach, an assistant coach, and a third coach in the dugout. The head coach makes all executive decisions on practice and game days. It’s important that the head coach learns each position on the field and how to move players around to improve the defense. This includes being able to identify when the right time is to substitute a new pitcher in the circle.

The pitcher position in softball is the hardest one to study. Softball pitchers are a different breed of athletes. The majority of softball pitchers are Type A personalities. They are stubborn and competitive by nature. Softball pitchers are gamers and want the ball in their hand. It’s important that softball coaches study and get to know their pitching staff. Pitching changes are regularly made in softball, and it’s the head coaches job to identify when to make the switch.

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