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Worst mistakes you can make in a recruiting e-mail

College coaches receive hundreds of e-mails every single day from prospective student-athletes reaching out in hopes of being recruiting. Some coaches rely heavily on the e-mails they receive and do dedicate time to look through them, others do not. Regardless, there are a handful of mistakes you can make that will quickly eliminate you from consideration and land your e-mail in the trash bin.

1) Messing up the institution's name
It seems so obvious, but if you call the institution by the wrong name, or even mascot, odds are high coaches will delete your e-mail. It is understandable that most people will have a template for these e-mails (and you should) to copy and paste over. That is how you "work smarter, not harder" and save yourself some time. But you have to pay attention to details and be precise, if you mess this up, you're likely out. One suggestion for you is in your general draft e-mail instead of listing an institution or coaches name leave those areas blank and include some mark (e.g. _____) that lets you know there is a piece of information that needs to be edited.

2) Spelling the coach's name wrong
In the same vein as above, do your research, Google is an amazing thing. Some coaches may forgive you, others may not. This could seem "petty" to some but think about it this way; coaches understand student-athletes normally send e-mails to other schools too, that isn't the problem, it's the missing attention to detail that can be a red flag for them. Especially when there are 20 other e-mails where that information is correct.

3) Expressing interest in an academic program that institution does not carry

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