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7 Innings with Tennessee Softball Player Lexi Overstreet

Lexi Overstreet

Tennessee Junior Lexi Overstreet is coming off a strong sophomore season that saw her hit .303 with eight home runs and 31 RBI. The Buford, Georgia native showed solid improvement and should be a key player for the Volunteers in 2015.

Overstreet is majoring in Criminal Justice and would like to become a forensic scientist or FBI agent when she graduates.

FPN: At what age did you decide that you wanted to become an elite/college softball player, why?

Overstreet: think at the age of 12 was when I really knew that softball was the game for me. After playing and trying so many different sports, softball was what I was best at. After watching the WCWS at my house at 12 years old, I knew then that I wanted to play at a big-time school and play at the WCWS.

FPN: Who or what inspired you the most to pursue your dream?

Overstreet: The person that inspired me the most was my mom because she came to every game of mine and really believed that I had to ability to play at this level. She pushed me every day to get better and always supported me in everything. She paid for lessons since the age of 8 all the way up until I left to go to college.

Lexi Overstreet

Lexi Overstreet

FPN: Some advice to people who want to follow your path; what are three things you should do to help yourself improve as a player?


  1. Be aggressive: when you go for a pitch, swing hard, don’t be passive.
  2. Be more vocal: vocal leadership is a key component on a successful team.
  3. Push your teammates/yourself to get better every single day. You can always learn something new.

FPN: What is the first thing you look forward to in the off season, why?

Overstreet: The first thing that I look forward to in the offseason is the workouts and conditioning. I know that sounds really crazy because most people dread it but I love to work out and condition. It makes me feel really good and in shape and I know that working hard to this conditioning will definitely improve my game.

FPN: What is your favorite type of bat to use, why?

Overstreet: My favorite type of bat would be Worth Legit 2(the orange one). I like this bat because the way the ball sounds off the bat is really nice and smooth. When you hit a home run with this bat, it feels like you barely did any work to hit it out.

FPN: After a game, what is your favorite thing to eat, why?

Overstreet: After home games, I really enjoy eating food from Panera Bread. Panera has a pretty healthy selection of choices. My family likes Panera also so we go there a lot after games.

FPN: In your mind what is a breakfast for champions, why?

Overstreet: French toast from gourmet market. This is a breakfast of champions because their French toast is so good, you never want it to end. Every bit it just melts in your mouth and it keeps you going back for another.

Extra Innings

FPN: What is my favorite store to shop at, why?

Overstreet: My favorite store to shop at would be Tory Burch. I really love all of her purses and shoes and jewelry.

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