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Basic Softball Overhand Throwing Progression

Throwing is a major piece to the game of softball, and we aren’t talking about pitching. Overhand throws play a critical role to the defensive side of the game. It’s essential for softball players to learn, develop, and practice their overhand throws every time they step onto the field. Any camp or clinic put on at every level is going to start by teaching the attending players proper overhand throwing mechanics. They are critical, and they set players apart.

It is encouraged to always line a softball across the “C” grip when making an overhand throw. The line will show the evidence of the spin and let the player know if she is getting the correct spin on the ball. Proper spin leads to speed behind the throw, makes it easier for a receiver to catch, and it keeps the throwing arm safe. Below is an example of a basic throwing progression that focuses on form as well as making strong and accurate throws and catches at the end.

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