"> The Benefits of Having Options by Trying Out for Multiple Club Teams
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The Benefits of Having Options by Trying Out for Multiple Club Teams

Club ball tryouts are nearing as the transition from summer ball to fall ball has officially begun. Club ball tryouts for most programs are taking place over the next few weeks. Club tryouts occur shortly after the summer season concludes so that teams can be formed and play fall and winter ball together.

Every year, more and more club teams emerge across the country. Association teams are entering the club scene at various age groups to try to keep the teams they already have together and to keep players in their programs. Club ball has become incredibly watered down compared to where it used to be 10 years ago when there were half as many teams, and only the best players who tried out made the team.

With club tryouts looming, many hopefuls will try out for multiple teams. Many positives come with trying out for more than one team. This gives the players and the parents options, as well as some peace of mind and having control of the ultimate decision.

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