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FPN New Feature 7 innings Launches with Kelsey Nunley of Kentucky

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Photo Courtesy of Kentucky Athletics

Fastpitch News is launching a new feature that will run year around. The feature is call “7 Innings” and will focus on getting to know college softball players from around the country. These young women are the role models for up and coming players and it this is your chance to learn more about them. We hope you enjoy the interviews. The way it works is that players are given a list of questions and they choose which ones they want to answer. There is also a fun extra innings question.

All 7 innings feature will be tagged 7 innings so in the future you will be able to look them up by their tag.

Nunley head shotKelsey Nunley
Class: Junior
Hometown: Soddy Daisy, Tennessee
Position: Pitcher

Nunley had a strong 2014 with the best season in the circle in Kentucky Softball history, ending 30-11 with a 1.88 ERA in 282.1 innings pitched with 219 strikouts.. Click HERE for full Bio.

FN: What is the first thing you look forward to in the off-season, why?

Nunley: I always look forward to the team being back together. I love the team atmosphere at morning lifts and practice. I enjoy seeing and spending time with my teammates, as well as getting to know the freshman.

FPN: At what age did you decide that you wanted to become an elite/college softball player, why?

Nunley: I started pitching when I was nine years old. I would say around the age of 10 is when I started dreaming of becoming a college softball player, and one day playing in the Women’s College World Series. I made my decision to become an elite softball player because I have always wanted to be the best I can be while playing at the highest level of competition.

FPN: Who or what inspired you the most to pursue your dream?

Nunley: My parents have always told me to follow my dreams. I think they have been the biggest influence on my decisions in life. My coaches and some of my friends have also always told me to follow my dreams. Growing up I loved watching Monica Abbott and Jennie Finch play so they have also really inspired me.

FPN:  On your team who do you think has the best dance moves, why?

Nunley: The person on my team with the best dance moves would definitely have to be Darington Richardson. She has great rhythm and her moves are always unpredictable.

FPN: Some advice to people who want to follow your path; what are three things you should do to help yourself improve as a player?


  1. Always be willing to learn.
  2. Practice like it’s a game.
  3. Give it your all and never give up on your goals.

FPN: What is your favorite thing about your coach, why?

Nunley: Coach Lawson really inspires and amazes me in many ways. But the thing I find most amazing that she can do as a coach, is her ability to teach pitching. It blows my
mind because she has never been a pitcher, but she is so good at explaining and teaching pitching in great detail.

FPN: What genre of music gets you most ready to play a game, why?

Nunley: Christian Rock and some rap is what gets me most ready to play a game. The songs are always uplifting and encouraging. They keep my eyes focused on God. They pick me up and pump me up and constantly remind me that I’m not playing the game of softball for my glory, but for the Glory of God.


FPN: Who is your favorite softball player of all time?

Nunley: Monica Abbott

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