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At Home Strength Training for Softball Players

At what age should softball players begin weight training? There are many different viewpoints and opinions on this topic. As a pitching instructor, I have parents approach me all the time about how they want their daughter to get stronger, but she is too young for weights. I previously wrote an article about taking advantage of high school, summer weight lifting programs. Some feedback on that article was that parents have no way of getting their kid to the workouts during the summer because they work during the week days.

This got my brain thinking back to when I was a pre-teen and things I used to do around my house to build strength. Not everyone has access to a gym or a high school weight training program. Female athletes shouldn’t hit the weights until their bodies have developed anyway. There are many different at home exercises that kids, pre-teens, and teenage softball players could incorporate before, after, or during their hours of watching Netflix shows.

Below are a few key strength areas of the body that softball players should focus on. The exercises listed below can all be performed at home and don’t need much parental supervision.

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