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How to Avoid Becoming a Softball Coach Burnout

Softball players aren’t the only ones who can succumb to being labeled as a burnout in this sport. Coaches are victims of becoming softball burnouts too. Burning out can be different for everyone who experiences it. Some may be mentally exhausted, while others will suffer from physical exhaustion. Burnouts will have little excitement and enthusiasm when thinking about or participating in the activity they are slowly becoming uninterested in. Burnout usually occurs due to too much time, energy, and focus spent on a task without any breaks or time away.

If a softball coach experiences a burnout, it could be detrimental to the team. Burnout in softball tends to have a domino effect. Once it affects one coach or member of a team, it won’t be long before the energy among the team changes and others will fall victim as well.

It’s important that softball coaches learn how to balance their role of a coach and their everyday life. Softball coaches need and deserve mental and physical breaks from the sport too. Below is a list of things coaches can apply to their lives to avoid becoming a softball burnout.

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