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How to Make the Most Out of Pitching Practice

To be successful, pitcher’s must practice their craft on their own time. The pitchers who put in the additional time and practice will set themselves apart from others as they make their way through the age groups. Pitchers don’t always need a catcher behind the plate to have a productive pitching workout or practice. In times where catchers are scarce, pitchers can get creative on their own. Catch nets are a common tool for pitchers to pitch into at home, in the garage, or in the backyard depending on the time of year.

Pitching practice is the perfect time for pitchers to break down their pitch into drill form. Breaking the full pitch down to specific drills will target the muscle memory and form of the pitch. It’s important that pitchers focus on every single rep to build muscle memory. When pitchers space out and go through the motions, a bad habit will likely develop. Bad habits are a pitcher’s worst nightmare and often occur, especially in game settings. Most pitchers, even at the elite levels, will always spend the time to break down their pitch to limit the bad habits.

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