"> The Importance of a Change-Up in Softball
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The Importance of a Change Up in Softball

The most important pitch that a softball player who wishes to be successful in the sport and one she must learn and conquer is the changeup. For those unfamiliar, a changeup in softball is a pitch that is slower than the fastball. The fastball should be the first pitch any beginner pitcher is introduced to. Once a pitcher has mastered the basic fundamentals and mechanics of a fastball, the next pitch introduced should always be the changeup.

A changeup is a pitch that is slower than the fastball. The purpose of the changeup is to show the batter something different. Since it is impossible to throw a pitch faster than the fastball, the next best way to show a hitter something different is to slow the pitch down. Any hitter can catch up to speed. If a pitcher throws the same speed to hitter-after-hitter without changing speeds, there is a good chance by the hitters second or third at-bat, she will make contact.

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