"> The Importance of a Change-Up in Softball
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The Importance of a Change-Up in Softball

The change-up is the next pitch that softball pitchers must master following their fastball. For those who aren’t familiar, a change-up is a pitch that is slower than the fastball. As hitters get older and smarter, they will be able to make adjustments to their swing to catch up to speed. The purpose of a change-up is to keep the hitter off-balance. Change-ups are most effective when the pitcher can sell her motion and make it look exactly like the fastball. If pitchers give away that a new pitch is coming too early, the hitter will know and be ready.

There are hundreds of ways a pitcher can grip a change-up. The most generic change-ups introduced to the younger pitchers are the back-flip or the palm ball. As pitchers get older, they may feel more comfortable exploring a new change-up grip. It is very common for pitchers to “outgrow” the change-up they started with. This can happen for many different reasons. The pitcher could grow and her hand size may change. Mechanics could be co...

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