"> The Importance of Pitcher Fielding Practice
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The Importance of Pitcher Fielding Practice

It is crucial that pitchers are able to field their position on the softball field. Pitchers are going to be treated differently on every team. Some coaches run team practices and have their pitchers throw a bullpen to catchers off to the side while the team works on defense or hitting. Other coaches expect pitchers to get pitching time in at their own individual practices on their own time. Then there are some coaches who leave it up to the pitchers and their preference. I am a strong advocate for the second two scenarios for many different reasons.

Pitchers should practice pitching on their own outside of team practices. Going to pitching lessons or pitching clinics are a great way for pitchers to get some additional practice in. Pitchers should never solely rely on warming up for games as pitching practice. I would advise pitchers to practice on their own at least two to three times per week on top of games.

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