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Parent Pressure in Softball

It can be a challenging task being a softball parent. Softball is a sport that requires time and a lot of finances being coughed up by parents to watch their daughters chase after their dreams on the diamond. Softball is a sport based on repetition; you can’t improve or develop as a softball player without putting in hours and hours of practice. Once players buy into their practice, adding an instructor to help take their game to the next level comes next.

It can be hard for parents, especially those who started out with their player, to take a back seat and let an instructor come in and take things over. Parents are used to being in charge and making decisions for their daughters. If you are the parent of a pitcher who decides to see a pitching instructor and you want to catch the lesson, try doing so without chiming in. Let the instructor coach and develop that relationship with the pitcher. If the parent is chiming in all the time, this is counterproductive for the pitcher, and she will be torn on who to listen to.

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