"> Pitching Pointer: When to Focus on Mechanics
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Pitching Pointer: When to Focus on Mechanics

Learning and executing proper pitching mechanics are what will eventually set pitchers apart as they go through the different age levels in softball. The pitchers who make it to the college level and beyond are the ones who have taken the time to master the craft. Even the elite pitchers go back to basic mechanics and fundamentals of pitching in practice and warm-ups. Breaking pitches down isn’t a setback. It’s more beneficial for pitchers to practice form and develop muscle memory rather than throwing pitches full or pitching in games.

It is critical for young beginner pitchers to get in with a private instructor, participate in a beginner pitching clinic led by a pitching instructor, or watch YouTube videos conducted by a credible instructor. The beginning years of pitching are essential because muscle memory, form, and habits – good and bad development. Pitching should be simplified for beginners, and the pitch should be broken down to drill form before gearing up and throwing a full pitch.

Patience is important at the younger playing levels for pitchers, parents, coaches, and instructors. Wrist flicks may not be the most exciting drill in the world, but they are important. If pitchers go through the motions and don’t focus on each rep, especially at the wrist flick drill, they won’t develop the proper muscle memory for the release point.

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