"> Should Softball Pitchers Be Allowed to Crow Hop?
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Should Softball Pitchers Be Allowed to Crow Hop?

Illegal pitches took the softball world by storm this past college season. The topic of illegal pitches, what they are, why they are called and why they aren’t called was a huge message board hot topic throughout the college season leading up to the World Series. Once the summer season rolled around, illegal pitches were brought to attention again at the travel and club ball levels. This hot topic is going to consume pitchers, umpires, teams, and spectator’s attention until the written rule is followed or removed completely.

Let’s shift focus for a minute to men’s fastpitch softball, which is indeed a sport for those not familiar, and a competitive one to say the least. Men softball pitchers are allowed to crow hop and re-plant while delivering their pitch. The only real rule that men’s pitchers have to follow is the windmill motion. Everything else is fair game and men pitchers do whatever it takes to get their body momentum going forward.

Men fastpitch pitchers throw signif...

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