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The Evolution of Softball Pitchers

The game of softball is continually changing and evolving. Technology has made its way into our sport and has left what appears to be a permanent mark. College teams are using video technology to analyze every inch of the game, from a hitter’s swing to pitching form and movement on the pitches. Video is being taught, learned, and applied by teams all across the country. The game is changing and evolving every day, and it makes you question what the sport of softball will look like in ten years.

Softball pitching today is very different than it once was in the past. Ten years ago, it was not uncommon for college teams to ride one ace pitcher throughout the majority of the season. These pitchers were able to hold their own and shut down the opposing offense through all seven innings of play. Fast forward to today, and college teams are carrying three to five pitchers of the same caliber on their staff. It is common for teams to use one pitcher to get through the order one or two times, before bringing in a second pitcher to close it out.

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