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5 Aspects of a Great Softball Swing

Hitting is one of the most important aspects of softball. If your team cannot hit the ball to get around the bases effectively, almost all of the other parts of softball lose their relevance. It’s not only important to be good at hitting as a team but as an individual. A coach appreciates a player who is reliable at the plate and will almost always find a way to get them into the line-up. Hitting is a softball players job security. We are going to explore some aspects that should be taken into consideration when improving the technique of a swing.


Breaking it right down to basics an important start to your swing is the way you pick up the bat. The bottom hand is considered the control hand to lead the bat, with the top hand following for support. When gripping the bat, it’s important to rest the handle with equal pressure on your fingers and not your palms. The even pressure on the fingertips allows a broader range of motion in your wrists instead of restricting yourself. For a shorter, more direct swing with less power, it’s suggested to choke up and move your hands closer to the barrel of the bat. On the apparent contrary, sliding down to the knob of the bat will give you a lengthened, more powerful swing.

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