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Becoming a Successful Team Player

Photo Courtesy of UCLA Athletics

A lot of the time, we tend to just concentrate on how to make yourself better as an individual softball player. Another important aspect of being recruited is how well you fit into the team atmosphere a coach has created. To become a great softball player you also need to be a successful team player. As individualized as softball may seem, it has a huge team aspect that's important as well.

Constructive criticism

Always strive to get better. Softball is a culture that changes throughout the years in techniques and teaching styles, so don't get left behind. Coaches are continuously attending coaching and softball conferences to be informed on the new changes coming to the game and how to properly handle those changes. If a coach is instructing you to make a certain change it is crucial to trust your coach is making these changes for a reason. No one is "too good" to improve and that kind of attitude will not get you far in the softball world. It's very important to not only know how to receive constructive criticism but also give that criticism in a respectful way. Part of being a good leader is knowing your role and what your team goal is, so you can help those who are still struggling to buy into the plan. Once you get to a high

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