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Getting Recruited from a High School with Little Exposure

Getting recruited to a college program can be difficult in itself, and getting recruited from a small high school with little to no exposure can seem almost impossible. There are three very different levels when considering playing college softball. If you are one of the athletes who is deciding to take it to the next level, here are some tips to help your chances as a softball player to get recruited.

Contact college coaches yourself.

Coaches attend games, showcases, tournaments, and check stats for potential players on their list. If they don’t know your name or anything about you, chances are they’re not going to know to look for you. Make it known you’re interested in their program and keep in constant contact with the coaches throughout the year updating them with your stats. Engaging in general conversation is important to getting to know the coach and team atmosphere. Just because a college coach has spoken to your high school coach, doesn't mean you're officially being "recruited". Sometimes how far you go in the recruiting process depends on how persistent you are. If you are unsure on what questions to ask or where to start in conversation, listed below are some potential questions to ask a college coach.

Six Questions to Ask a College Coach:

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