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Navigating Social Media

Tales of coaches dropping recruits due to their social media activity are becoming more common across all sports. Take a quick moment to Google, "athletes losses scholarship social media" and check out all the stories that appear. It's an interesting time to be a teenager with all the "normal" things and experiences young people go through during this part of their lives coupled with that life being increasingly lived more online.

There's no excuse for poor behavior online (e.g. posts that are racially negative, inappropriate, violent, etc.) and it is a fantastic resource for coaches and employers to get a true sense for the person they are considering bringing onto their team. While there are clear "no-no's" that will reasonably produce consequences there are other murkier actions that could be problematic, even if the intention isn't such.

Everyone, but especially athletes going through the recruiting process, needs to take a step back and consider the content they are posting before hitting that button; even if their accounts are set to private. Here are a few things to consider, and a suggested "self-test" you can utilize, when enjoying social media.

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