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Why Softball Instructors Are Important

If you’re the parent of a youth softball player, the time will come where you are unable to continue your individual coaching contribution to your daughter’s success in the sport. This happens because of multiple reasons. First, your softball knowledge as a parent coach only stems so far. If you are a softball dad who played baseball, you’ll quickly learn that softball is different and requires different training and technique demands than the sport you are familiar with. Second, kids will only listen to their parents for so long. As kids enter their teen years, especially females, you will learn how easy it is for them to tune you out. When you find yourself related to one or both situations above, it’s time to seek out an instructor.

Softball instructors are crucial to the future success of softball. Individual instructors are the ones who work with players in private settings away from the team. There are instructors for almost every element of the game of softball. The most common softball instructors focus on the areas of pitching, hitting, catching, and fielding. Private lessons with instructors will mainly focus on implementing, developing, and mastering the basic skills required by softball players. It’s important to learn how to do things the right way so no backtracking takes place as the athlete’s age.

Many instructors will also take the time to help develop their athletes mental game along with their physical game. The mental part of softball, especially at the collegiate level, is just as important if not more, than the physical one. Pitchers and hitters who don’t have a grasp on their mental game will find themselves struggling throughout their career. If athletes can learn how to overcome the mental obstacles earlier on, they will not only be on the road to success, but they will stay on the road in the future when they are tested.

Softball instructors take pride in their development of athletes. Most instructors played the game, some at the highest of levels, so they know what it takes to get there. When an instructor begins working with a new student of the game, it’s like a painter sitting before a blank canvas. It takes time, practice, and dedication from both the instructor and the athlete to piece the painting together.

If you’re a parent of a softball player reading this and are on the fence about whether or not your daughter is ready for an instructor, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. It may take a few tries with different instructors to find the right fit. There are softball instructors everywhere, take some time to search the web, or tune in your ears – word of mouth is the most common way great softball instructors are found. Take the chance on someone, and do it sooner rather than later so your softball player can begin painting her blank canvas.

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