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10 Ways to Stand Out at Camp or Tryouts

Fall marks the start of tryouts and big college camps. Standing out is crucial but can be tough among a large field of other talented athletes. However, there are a number of ways you can set yourself apart that have nothing to do with your level of skill or ability.

1) Be early and ask before you start throwing
This goes without saying but make sure you are early in order to get settled and comfortable. Especially when driving somewhere you may not be familiar, leave yourself ample time.

When you arrive and are settled, make sure you ask before starting to throw. Normally camps and tryouts have a throwing progression and warm up built into the schedule and they'll want you to wait. Just politely ask someone in charge if you are encouraged to throw early or if you should wait until told otherwise.

2) Volunteer if asked
If a camp coach asks for a volunteer to help demonstrate something, raise your hand! You may be nervous or feel a little uncomfortable and that's okay! It takes courage and initiative to put yourself out there and while it may not be the right move for everyone personally, if you can muster the will to give it a try, do it, it will help you stand out. The more you take chances like these the easier it will get; this is also an important life skill for you to learn in general.

Remember, if you do volunteer and make a mistake, that is totally fine! No one is going to care, you were brave enough to try and that's the most important part.

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