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Today’s Parents vs. Future Officials

There is constant chatter about umpires/referees around all sports. The conversation seems to be getting a little more attention as our culture evolves over the years. Is parent’s treatment of the current officials playing a role in discouraging young athletes into becoming involved as a part of the game they grew up loving to play? I’m sure this is a significant factor on how athletes see umpires now, but let’s look at all of the others.

Short-Handed Across the Country

The demand for officials across the country is exceeding the physical supply of them. Leagues around the country in all sport are suffering during the season to find multiple officials to regulate their sports game. Seeing it from a youth coach perspective, I got a good look at where the importance of umpires is put after receiving only one umpire to a usual two last season because of this shortage. A positive aspect that can be taken away from this can be that the increase in the interest in sports are growing so fast the umpire/officials can’t keep up with the curve. There are a lot of new tournaments that have been formed, and there are only so many umpires to go around. It’s currently a rarity and an added bonus to receive a proper two officials at a younger level, which isn’t benefiting our children’s play.

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