• Softball on Turf

    Benefits of Playing Softball on Turf

    The game of softball is constantly evolving. The new bat technology is allowing hitters to hit the ball farther and with more authority. New balls are being constructed that allow pitchers to get a be...

  • Softball New Zealand

    Softball New Zealand: Q & A with National Team Coach Kevin Gettins

    How much do we know about the game outside the United States? We had a chance to have a conversation with Softball New Zealand National Team Coach Kevin Gettins.  New Zealand has produced some great t...

  • College Softball Recruiting Tips

    Softball Recruiting Tips: How to get noticed

    If you missed our first post on Softball Recruiting Tips and where to begin the process, here is what you missed. We broke the beginning steps of the recruiting process down into three steps that athl...

  • 3l7a9664

    Making an Impact: Be the Momentum

    The founders of Be the Momentum, Emily Allard and Kristin Scharkey, both graduated from Northwestern University, where the pair hit back-to-back in the Wildcat lineup for four years. Emily Allard orig...

  • Softball Parent Coaches

    Softball Parent Coaches: Not the Best Scenario

    Softball Parent Coaches can be great, not so great and down right bad. This issue is not unique to softball nor is the debate between parent coaches and paid coaches. Softball though is what we do and...

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